Blowout Prevention Training

Our industry defines a "Kick" as an entry of formation fluids into a man-made borehole, or well-bore.  Blowouts are then defined as the "loss of control" of a Kick.  While Kicks may occur during the normal course of Drilling or Production Operations, blowouts are caused by one thing only, HUMAN ERROR!  

By addressing all aspects of the Human Factor, our belief is that blowouts can, and should be, completely eliminated!  This is a challenging goal, and can only be accomplished through:

  • Individual and job role specific training.
  • Honest and meaningful evaluation.
  • Regular re-training of our workforce.

This goal, no matter how challenging and difficult, can be achieved without forced mandates from Federal, State, and Local Governments, but it takes sincere "buy-in" and commitment from all the parties involved. Industry leading groups and organizations, such as the IADC, the API, and the IOGP have already provided the necessary guidance documents, industry best practices, and voluntary involvement of subject matter experts ​that are necessary to overcome the challenge(s) and to meet the goal.

It is now left up to the remaining "stake holders" to do their respective parts!

Petroleum College International (PCI) will certainly do our part.  Following is our commitment to our clients, our students, and to the industry we love and appreciate:

  • We will employ only "professional" educators that have been trained specifically and extensively in all aspects of Well Control.  
  • Our classes have never been "abbreviated" or "watered down"... and never will be.  
  • We believe in extensive "hands-on" re-enforcement of abstract and difficult principles and procedures.  To accomplish this, we will maintain only "State-of-the-Art" simulation equipment.
  • Each of our instructors will know how to use our simulation equipment in the most effective manner.
  • All PCI course participants will be taught the most current industry "best" practices.  
  • Our End-of-Course Evaluation will be compliant with the strictest industry standard available.
  • We will accept no compromises or shortcuts!  Will you?