Oil and Gas Operator Representative – Workover and Intervention Course

Note: This course is for Supervisor Level personnel only. It is the WellSharp replacement for the older WellCap Standard, Supervisor Level Course for Workover and Completion Operations. The course completely satisfies the new WellSharp Standard curriculum requirements. Certification is only conveyed to an individual upon successful completion of the standardized end-of-course examination. The examination is administered on line, by the IADC, and under the supervision of an independent proctoring service. All attendees must complete the minimum course attendance requirements (36 hours) before they are allowed to register for the IADC competency examination. No more than 9 hours (of class time training) may be delivered each day. The examination must be delivered on the 5th day, or within 45 days of completion of the 4 days of required training. The maximum number of hours allowed or allocated for the exam is 3.5 hours. If the exam is not successfully completed within the 45 day window, the entire 36 hour course must be taken once again, in order to qualify and register for the exam. There are no exceptions for these requirements!

Topics covered include:

  • Planning
  • WIMS (Well Integrity Management System) over the life of the well
  • Risk Assessment, Management, and Mitigation
  • Barrier concepts.Barrier removal, repair, and replacement.
  • Well Control Concepts
  • Abnormal Pressure Causes and Indications
  • Kick Prevention and Detection in all phases of well operations
  • Crew Drills and safe operating practices
  • Crew Supervision
  • Stop Work Authorities and MOC
  • Operational pressure requirements and limitations
  • Shut-in Procedures and Verification
  • Post Shut-in Monitoring and Activities
  • Communications
  • BOPE, Well Completion and Workover Equipment, Specialty PCE
  • Well Control Methods, Practices, and Kill Operations
  • Completions and Workover Fluids
  • Complications
  • Supervision of Wireline Operations
  • Supervision of Coiled Tubing Operations
  • Supervision of Snubbing Operations

Hands-on simulator practice will be provided covering the Bullheading and Reverse Circulating Kill Procedures.